Do your weight loss supplements have to have caffeine for them to work?

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Do your weight loss supplements have to have caffeine for them to work?

TLDR: Caffeine and stimulants in general aren’t necessary in weight loss supplements when the other ingredients are dosed according to science!! Stimulants are typically associated with side effects and why they may provide a means to losing weight, better methods exist!

Why are most fat burners judged by how they make you feel?

The day we decided to make a thermogenic fat burner was the day we realized the industry had a serious problem! We analyzed the fat burner market and we were shocked to see the average price ranged from $19.99-$29.99!

This didn’t make sense to us! Quality ingredients in proper doses aren’t cheap. We then began to analyze the formulas and found an overreliance on proprietary blends and cheap stimulants! A proprietary blend means there are several ingredients masked into one blend, hiding their true dosages. The blends might have had effective ingredients listed but the overall dosage was often less than what would be required from that single ingredient to be effective. Loaded with stimulants that create temporary euphoria, the scientifically validated ingredients were completely overlooked. #Madness.

It started to make sense. The supplement industry is driven by profits and greed. Who in their right mind would go against the grain, rip off the proprietary blend and dose a product properly??

Well aware of all the dangers that come with grey area stimulants, we decided to make a statement and not use caffeine at all. Why? Well, we wanted to make products that we can actually use ourselves.

Strong enough to make a serious difference that even an elite bodybuilding competitor would benefit from, but also safe enough that I’d encourage my own mom to use it (I love my mom and she actually uses Genius Burn, PRO-GT and Genius Diet Pills J). There is plenty of clear-cut scientific research out there on weight loss ingredients, but the problem has never been science. The problem has always been greed!!

Tired of jitters?? Tired of anxiousness and the crash?? There are many different ingredients out there that support weight loss, we find that dosing and extract percentage are of the upmost importance. Be realistic, diet and exercise are the leading factors and you always have to be in calorie deficit, but the right ingredients in the right doses can make a serious difference.

Solving the seemingly complex problem of eliminating excess body fat surprisingly wasn’t that difficult at all… We relied on Science and flushed all of the hype.

Remember: Caffeine and stimulants are typically very inexpensive to produce. They shock your system giving your metabolism a quick jolt but also causing unforeseen consequences in the process!

Supplement Smarter Ingredients:

Ashwagandha – Reduce Stress | Decrease Cortisol | Control Appetite

Saffron – Reduce Snacking | Reduce Anxiety

Capsicum – Increase thermogenesis | Promote Healthy Metabolism

Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine) – Decrease body fat (promote white adipose tissues into brown to trigger thermogenesis turning fat into energy).

Peggy lost 50 pounds using Genius Burn, in combination with more conscientious nutritional choices and exercising.