Understanding Genius Weight Loss Products


Hey Guys – I wanted to give the full rundown on stacking our weight loss products! How to do it, who should do it, when to do it etc etc.

First off – Genius Burn is the end all be all. We put pretty much every ingredient in that product that has been shown to contribute to weight loss WITHOUT any questionable side effects. Alpha yohimbine, synephrine and caffeine might all work but it’s not uncommon to experience side effects when using these ingredients. ***Please note, Genius Burn will make you sweat as it’s supposed to. It’s a thermogenic 

Caffeine is commonly used to boost weight loss but as many people have experienced with too much coffee or taking it a little late in the day, there’s a plethora of potential side effects ranging from anxiousness to sleeplessness. We understood that caffeine is still a very important ingredient to a lot of people’s regimens so we were able to get a deal with one of the few true extended release caffeine manufacturers; Lipofoods! We use their extended release in our Genius Caffeine product, unlike regular caffeine it has a more controlled release into the blood stream so a lot of the typical side effects are reduced or even better non existent! Caffeine is a useful metabolism booster and my personal recommendation if you can only do two products would be Burn + Caffeine. It’s a classic.

Then we released Genius Diet Pills. The name shocks a lot of people but the idea was to go completely opposite from all of the crazy phentermine like products out on the market. Substandard Diet Pills were straight up killing people!!! We wanted to break that whole mantra by making a 100% stimulant free appetite suppressant that also helps with mood as well! Genius Diet Pills are a simple combination of two ingredients, both have been shown to reduce snacking and control appetite. For more experienced supplement users, Genius Diet Pills and Genius Burn can be snacked to really attack all angles. We are going to trim down the 5-HTP dosage in Genius Diet Pills as some users have reported some nauseousness especially when taken on an empty stomach.

Last but least we have Genius PRO-GT. It’s a simple combination of very high quality green tea (with enhanced bioavailability) and morinaga b-3, a heavily studied probiotic that has been shown to support weight loss as well as general gut health/wellness. Pro-GT is one of my favorite products and I highly recommend adding it into any stack. It can be taken with any of the products above.