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Post Workout Supplement For Men and Women






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I love Genius Creatine.It has a great apple flavor and I’ve been getting great pumps in the gym since i began using it .

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with Creapure® (Monohydrate), MagnaPower® (Hydrochloride [HCL]) and SR Carnosyn® (Sustained Release Beta-Alanine)

Creatine MagnaPower
Creatine HCl
Creapure Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine Bound To Magnesium For Fast Twitch Power

Creatine MagnaPower is a patented form of creatine that is actually bonded with pure magnesium! This scientific breakthrough allows a higher level of absorption and does not require a loading phase. MagnaPower has been shown to benefit fast twitch muscle energy – advancing power movements in weight training, sprinting, baseball, football and various other sports!*

100% Pure Creatine Ideal for Muscle Building

Made in Germany, Creapure has a longstanding reputation as the absolute best creatine available. 100% pure monohydrate has been proven in countless studies to increase muscle-mass and strength. Creapure is an effective method of increasing lean body mass without adding fat.*

The Latest Muscle Innovation Backed by Science

Reliably backed by science, SR Beta-Alanine is one of the latest innovations for building better muscle! Made to concentrate higher doses without inducing the tingles (paresthesia), beta alanine can benefit all active individuals. Beta Alanine has been show to increase strength, improve endurance (increases the working capacity of muscle i.e. more reps) and delay fatigue in workouts and general exercise.*

The Ultimate Absorption Enhancer for Real Results

Absorption matters. The best ingredients in the world don’t mean a whole lot if they aren’t properly absorbed into your body. Astragin has been proven in a dozen pre-clinical studies and has been utilized by some of the top products in GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as the premium choice to support enhanced bioavailability.*

Gain Lean Muscle Mass (Not Fluff)
Who wants that soft bloated and fluffy look? Didn’t think so! The unique combination in Genius Creatine is specifically meant to marginalize water retention. Creatine HCl and Creapure has been shown to increase fat loss while increasing muscle mass and Carnosyn is known to add serious strength.*

Faster Post Workout Recovery
Creatine has many post workout benefits, including increased blood and nutrient flow to the muscles, ultimately accelerating the recovery process. Recent studies have shown that taking creatine immediately post-workout is superior to pre-workout, as it pertains to body composition and strength.*

Designed Specifically to Increase Muscle Strength
Creatine and beta alanine have shown a unique synergy and with both showing strength enhancing properties, Genius Creatine truly is a strength supplement. With consistent use, you can expect consistent improvements in muscular endurance (more reps), as well as strength and power.*